Sermon-ator Mobile Ministries Donation Page

The Drill Sergeant of Life has been called to a very exciting ministry!  The 'Sermon-ator Mobile', an Over-the-Road RV ministry.  While traveling, you will be able to share in the experience with me.  The Sermon-ator Mobile will be doing podcasts, Writing webinars, and other internet-based training.  The webinars and internet-based trainings will be offered through paid registration.  These various offers will help my many followers achieve their God-destiny purpose and provide the continuous opportunity for ministry.

My initial thought was the Lord would have me to be only minister to our military and their families.  In my obedience to that, the Lord has expanded me further to minister in churches, conferences, seminars, retreats and other available opportunities that the Lord opens for The Drill Sergeant of Life.  God is constantly ministering to me and preparing me for this exciting Over-the-Road journey.  

Would you like to be a part of this OTR (Over-The-Road) Ministry? Your donations will assist me in staying on the internet in every location I reside so God's will and purpose will consistently be accomplished through me.

Please click on the Donate button and become a part of this Reaching Out Ministry - Reaching Out to the World! May God abundantly bless you and your families!


The Sermon-ator Mobile